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Air Vented Bread Storage Container



Prepworks Adjustable Air Vented Bread Storage Container keeps bread fresh and edible!


We all enjoy good bread but when it comes to storing your bread what we do reflexively is to keep it in a plastic bag tucked away inside the refrigerator. The Prepworks Adjustable Air Vented Bread Storage Container ensures that your bread remains fresh and edible.


This bread box has an innovative design that adjusts as your bread loaf becomes smaller.  The more slices you cut from your bread, the container adjusts to secure the remaining piece of loaf.  This ensures that there is less air around your bread, so it stays fresh longer.


The container measures seven inches which is large enough to fit the size of most bread loaves.  An innovative climate control handle lets you adjust the settings depending on your climate.  Furthermore, a built-in cutting board is concealed inside the container by magnetic closure snaps and provide a stable clean surface to slice your bread.

Cost? $19.28

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