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Portable Rechargeable Fingerprint Padlock



The Portable Rechargeable Fingerprint Padlock secures your items with the touch of finger!


Keep your personal items safe and enjoy total peace of mind with the portable rechargeable fingerprint padlock.  This revolutionary padlock offers security with the touch of your finger to lock or unlock the padlock.  Thieves can’t access your items because the lock won’t respond to fingerprints other than the owner.  Simple and easy to use, the lock is lightweight, waterproof, and secures suitcases, golf bags, handbags, backpacks, cupboards, bicycles, lockers etc.  Once secured the lock will only grant access by recognizing the fingerprint of the owner.  If the on-board power runs out and the lock cannot open, an included USB charger allows the lock to be quickly recharged so it can open with your fingerprint.  Whether you are home at the gym or office or on holiday the fingerprint lock secures all your belonging, so you can enjoy peace of mind.  No more worries about losing your padlock keys or forgetting your lock combination, with the fingerprint padlock all it takes is a press of your finger and the lock will unlock.

Cost? $68.99

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