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Portable Barbeque Grill

portable barbeque grill

portable barbeque grill

The Portable Barbeque Grill offers you the convenience of barbequing anywhere you choose!

If you enjoy the taste of barbequed meats and vegetables and just crave it when you are on the beach, on a picnic or just hanging out with friends at a park then the portable table bbq grill is exactly what you want to satisfy your insatiable desire. This uniquely shaped portable barbeque grill rightly termed the “social grill” is perfect for “get togethers” with friends, family or co-workers on a beach, in your backyard or just about anywhere where the desire for succulent barbequed meats arise.  The design is so unique that it was awarded the Red Dot design award for a product that is well designed, easy to carry with a shoulder strap, portable and packs away easily in the trunk of your car or SUV.  Made of high strength carbon steel and includes the fire basket, grill grate, charcoal grate and a heat shield. The included cork lid doubles as a heat pad underneath the grill when in use.  Available in two colors, black or white.

The Cost? $325.90



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