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Planet Earth Jigsaw Puzzle

Planet Earth Jigsaw Puzzle

Planet Earth Jigsaw Puzzle

This Planet Earth Jigsaw Puzzle is a Perfect Replica of Our Home Planet!

If you had the ability to put the earth together piece by piece from a thousand pieces, how would you assemble it? Would you know which piece belonged to North America and Africa? This 1000-piece Planet Earth jigsaw puzzle helps you to bring the world tougher, one piece at a time. Once you complete the painstaking task of assembling the pieces together in the correct orientation, you will be left with an astonishing 29.53” x 19.69” (75×50 c) replica of the planet Earth that you can frame and mount on your walls. The puzzle is made of environmentally friendly thicken cardboard.  Puzzles are not only educations, but boosts your child creativity, they also help to improve teamwork abilities, artistic abilities, and imagination.  Challenge yourself and your children with this amazing planet earth jigsaw puzzle.
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