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Pix Backpack

Pix Backpack

Pix Backpack

The Pix Backpack with Programmable Screen Makes a Statement!

Tired of boring backpacks and want something more exciting? Invest in a pix backpack with programmable screen.  This smart backpack is designed to brighten up your day and send a clear message to those around you.  It’s perfect for urban wear for both men and women and lets you customize its digital message while on the go.  Plug in the power bank to the LED pix backpack and it lights up and puts on a pixel show.  Let your creativity run wild, become an artist a geek or whatever you choose as you create designs by stroking your fingertip on your mobile device that is paired with your pix backpack.  As you create images on your smartphone, they are instantly displayed on your pix backpack.  You can create messages such as “Do Not Disturb” when studying or games and animation.  Ideal for college students, Millennials, kids or anyone that loves cool geeky gadgets.
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