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PiViT Ladder Leveling Tool

Ladder-Leveling-Tool in use on rooftop

Ladder-Leveling-Tool in use on rooftop

PiViT Ladder Leveling Tool safely supports ladders on uneven surfaces!


Stay safe when using a ladder on uneven surfaces with the PiViT Ladder Leveling Tool.  The ladder tool makes it safe to set up a ladder on your rooftops, stairways or any uneven or irregular surface.  Clean gutters, wash windows, install artwork over stairways, string Christmas lights, all can be done safely with leveling tool.  The tool is simple to use, portable and require no bolts, clamps or nails to hold in place. Its wedge design uses the patented “gripper feet” made from rugged conveyor belt material to stay in place and provide a stable surface to set up your ladder.  Completely adjustable, it has no moving parts but, yet adjustable to make a level platform on any uneven surface.  PiViT makes it possible to install a ladder where you never thought possible.

Cost? $119.00

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