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Pet Poop Vacuum


Pet-Poop-VacuumThe Pet Poop Vacuum makes cleaning up after your pet a snap!

Having a pet is a wonderful thing but picking up after they have done their daily duties is not something we pet owners cherish.  The Pet Poop Vacuum makes it easy to clean up after your lovable pet by sucking up pet poo into a disposable bag.  Avoid the dirty work of picking up poo with your hands .  wrapped around a bag or buying other expensive disposable products.  The 30,000-rpm vacuum quickly suctions dog waste, cat poop or any other pet excrement from grass, concrete or even snow covered ground into the plastic bag that can be easily removed and disposed.  The disposable bag wraps around the inside of the vacuum intake and prevents waste from dirtying any part of the vacuum so no washing or cleaning is needed after using the vacuum.  Enjoy the benefits of up to 50 cleanups after a 12-hour charge via the included AC adapter.  The disposable bags holds a week worth of waste, but we don’t recommend keeping pet waste around that long.  Package include the pet poop vacuum and 10 pooch power waste bags.

The Cost $65.48


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