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Osana Mosquito Repellant Soap

Mosquito Repellant Soap

Mosquito Repellant Soap

Osana Mosquito Repellant Soap Keeps Mosquitoes Away by Taking a Bath!


No more coating your body with sticky yucky mosquito repellant, with the Osana Mosquito Repellant Soap all you have to do is take a bath to keep mosquitoes at bay.  Forget lighting citronella candles or rubbing mosquito repellant with dangerous chemicals on your body.  Osana makes a natural mosquito repellant soap that contains citronella as its primary ingredient which deters mosquitoes.  It also contains natural menthol leaf extract, coconut, safflower and palm oils which cleanse and moisturize your skin. The good news is the osana mosquito repellant soap wont leave you smelling like chemicals and will keep those pesky buggers away..

Cost? $23.74
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