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Original Kitty Cot Cat Hammock



The Original Kitty Cot Cat Hammock lets your cat perch anywhere in your home!

Pamper your furry friend and provide a place for them to relax perched high on your window with the original kitty cot cat hammock.  Unlike traditional cat perches, the kitty cot attaches to your windows using patented giant suction cuts that are sturdy and durable. There is absolutely no danger of the cups coming loose under the weight of your cat since each suction cup is rated to hold 15 pounds and manufactured to the highest standards in the USA.  Designed for the largest sized cats, the cot measures 26” long from outside of the suction cups and 14” wide.  The frame is constructed of strong and durable plastic pipes while the hammock is made of tough weather-resistant fabric that is easy to clean and keeps your cat comfy.  The fabric and frame is strong enough to hold a cat up to 25 pounds and can be safely mounted indoors or outdoors on any windows in your house and at any height.  Installation is a breeze, simply assemble the frame, install the fabric, stick the suction cups to your windows and you are done, no tools needed.

The Cost? $44.95


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