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OmniBall Weighted Abdominal Trainers



OmniBall Weighted Abdominal Trainers gives you a total body workout in half the time!

Let’s face it, time spent in the gym is mostly wasted time, you run on a treadmill for a few minutes, socialize a little then lift a few more minutes.  At the end of the workout you spent more than an hour in the gym but your body feels like you have done nothing.  With the OmniBall weighted Abdominal Trainers you can experience a full body workout in half the time and feel the difference after. OmniBall improves on the basic pushup, planks and even Pilates exercises by increasing weight and leverage when the body is placed in different positions.  OmniBalls are simple 4-pounds, 6” diameter balls that attach to your hands or feet with Velcro straps.  The balls destabilize your body forcing you to achieve balance thereby working your core muscles and every other muscle to achieve equilibrium.  When combined with pushups, planks or Pilates exercises the balls force total muscle immersion to keep your body in the correct posture to do the workout movement effectively.  Using the OmniBall can increase your range of movement by making your core and body stronger each time you perform an exercise allowing you to stretch even further.  The creator FEWDM promises that you will experience a complete dynamic full body workout that will challenge you in every way.  To accompany the OmniBall, FEWDM has also created various workout vides you can purchase as well and use with the free fitness app.

The Cost? $79.95


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