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Nonstick Silicone Breakfast Ring



Nonstick Silicone Breakfast Ring for Perfect Round Pancakes, Eggs and Omelets!

Tired of irregular shaped eggs, omelets and pancakes, the non-stick silicone breakfast ring solves this problem by creating perfectly shaped round eggs, omelets and pancakes.  The silicone ring works by placing it flat on the cooking surface with the arms extended.  Simply place your eggs or pancakes in the circle openings and allow to cook for perfectly round eggs and pancakes.  Besides breakfast, the silicone ring can also be used to cook any liquid or semi-liquid foods that will conform to the shape of the rings. Use the rings to separate different foods as well in a large frying skillets.  The ring will never stick to the surface of your frying pan and after use simply remove and wash with soap and water.  Ideal for most conventional sized frying pans.  Use the silicone breakfast ring to impress your friends and guests with perfectly shaped eggs and pancakes.

The Cost? $3.78


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