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Non-Stick Heat Resistant Oven Liners

non-stick heat resistant oven liners

non-stick heat resistant oven liners

The Grill Magic Non-Stick Heat Resistant Oven Liners saves you the frustration of cleaning your oven!

We all love sumptuous home baked food but hate the oven cleanup that comes with preparing a good baked meal.  Thankfully the Grill Magic Non-stick heat resistant Oven Liners makes baking cleanup a snap by collecting oils, food drippings and residue in one place.  These non-stick, heat-resistant oven liners not only protect your oven, but reduces cleanup time significantly so you can get on to other chores.  There is nothing more annoying that dried baked food stains on the bottom and walls of your oven after baking.  Failure to remove food stains and accumulation inside your oven can cause smoke and odors and can even ignite causing a fire.  Cleaning food stains and residue from the inside of an oven is a must and usually requires back bending work of reaching into a tight space to perform scrubbing and cleaning.  Save yourself the aggravation and before you bake, place the magic oven liners on the inside of your oven and place your baking tray.  The liners will catch all accumulated food dripping and oils and after baking can be easily removed and placed in your sink to wash by hand or in your dishwasher.  Simply dry and reuse the oven liners every time you use your oven.  The oven liners will fit most standard ovens and can be cut to fit a non-standard oven without losing its non-stick, heat-resistant absorbing capacity.  Comes in a set of (3) and measures 16.25”x23”, extra thick and can resist temperatures up to 500° F.

The Cost? $11.99



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