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Non-Slip Cat Litter Mat



The GORILLA GRIP Premium Non-Slip Cat Litter Mat traps litter and keeps your home clean!

Keep your home clean with the Gorilla Grip Premium Non-Slip Cat Litter Mat.  Designed to collect cat litter from box or paws, the cat litter mat is soft on sensitive kitty paws, easy to clean, durable and long lasting.  The exclusive design of litter trapping grooves and tight mesh captures not only litter your cat kicks out of the box but also cleans paws as you cat walks across the mat.  Litter is trapped in the mat keeping your floors and the rest of your home clean.  The large 35”x23” size fits around any standard litter box with extra space for your cat to thoroughly dust off her paws which means little or no sweeping up litter from around the litter box.  Clean up is easy, simply dust off the mat outdoors or use a vacuum to pick up litter and can be washed with nothing more than soap and water.  The mat is phthalate free, safe for your cat and Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

The Cost? $14.79


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