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Motherboard Cutting Board

Motherboard Cutting Board

Motherboard Cutting Board

The Motherboard Cutting Board is the Perfect Gift for the Geek in Your Family!

This motherboard cutting board is a kitchen gadget only a geek would appreciate only if they can summon the courage to get off the computer, stop eating pizza and prepare a really good meal in kitchen. It looks just like a modern computer motherboard with the only exception that it’s used for cutting veggies and meats. The motherboard cutting board features a high-definition realistic image of a computer motherboard fully intact with processor chips, modulators, capacitors and more. On top of the image is a super sturdy scratch-proof glass that serves as the cutting surface. Rubber feet grips is attached to the bottom so it wont slip on your countertop when cutting on it. The board measures 16” long x 12” wide.
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