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Mosquito Net Camping Hammock



Mosquito Net Camping Hammock helps you enjoy a pest free sleep outdoors!


I love the great outdoors in the summer, but nothing is more annoying than fending off mosquitoes to get a good night sleep.  If there was some way to wave a magic wand and get rid of all those pesky bugs I would gladly indulge but since I am not some kind of wizard I will settle for the Mosquito Net Camping Hammock with bug screen protects you from those blood sucking critters and lets you enjoy a good night sleep outdoors.  This hammock is durable and strong, yet comfortable for you to enjoy a good night sleep.  Its also reversible which allows it to be used as a regular hammock without the bug screen.  An included suspension package allows the hammock to be suspended from two 100” (250 cm) of super strong climbing rope on both sides so you can suspend your hammock safely.  Four pockets inside the hammock and four utility loops to hang gear lets you escape the bug infested outdoors and seal yourself inside by zipping up the double zippers.

The Cost? $59.99

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