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Modern Wood Hanging Bed



The Modern Wood Hanging Bed will add a touch of style to your bedroom!

Instead of putting your bed on floor how about suspending it from the ceiling with ropes? The Modern Wood Hanging Bed is unique as it is extraordinary.  This modern designed wood bed is suspended by ropes from your ceiling and is light and safe that it will not stress or damage your ceiling.  The bed can sway and swing in any direction making it ideal for rocking its occupants to sleep.  For those with a small living space the hanging bed is a space saver and is suspended 18 inches above the floor, freeing up valuable space around and below the bed for storage.  After sleeping, the entire bed can be pulled up to the ceiling making the entire space the bed once occupied in the sleeping position free for any use.  Safe and stable, the bed weighs 80 kg in the largest version so you do not need any extra reinforcements on the ceiling.   For additional safety the bed has an additional safety line made of steel in the retracted position to the ceiling.  Ideal for lofts and large spaces, the hanging bed will be an eye catcher in any living space and will complement your home décor.   The bed is sold without mattress and comes with full assembly instructions that require no special tools besides a drill and hammer.

The Cost? $2,800.00


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