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Modern Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Enclosed Cat Litter Box

This Modern Enclosed Cat Litter Box Makes it Easy to Handle Cat litter!

This modern enclosed cat litter box is a sleek litter box that tucks away in a corner of your home and comes with a magnetic suction cover to keep your kitty messes cleverly hidden.  It’s probably the lightest cat litter box weighing only 8.8 pounds and measures 18” in height, 24” in width and 15” in depth which is ideal for cats weighing about 15 pounds.  The beauty of this liter box is that the litter is tucked away inside the box in an inner cabinet that is easily removed when its ready to be cleaned.   The design conceals odor, spills and prevents litter from littering your floor.  Cats enter through the round entrance perform their work inside fully concealed and leave the box through the same entrance.
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