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Mini Portable Electric Shaver

Portable Electric Shaver

Portable Electric Shaver

Xiaomi SMATE Portable Electric Shaver is the smallest portable razor measuring only 4.6 inches!

The Xiaomi SMATE portable electric shaver is probably the smallest mini electric razor on the market. This super-compact razor is a great addition to your travel bags and though small in size it rivals the big boys on the block and is powerful enough to be your daily shaver.  The mini razor measures only 4.6 inches in length that means you can stack it away in your shirt or pants pocket and fits nicely in your toiletry pouch.  Keep it on your person, in your bathroom organizer, in your glove compartment, in your purse, wherever you may need a portable shaver to clean up for a meeting or appointment. This mini device takes only two hours to fully charge and works for 45 minutes on a full charge that’s more than enough time to remove the hair from your armpits.

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