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Mark 1 Survival Kit

Mark 1 Survival Kit

Mark 1 Survival Kit

This Limitless Equipment Mark 1 Survival Kit has Everything you need in an Emergency!

In a world of uncertainty, preparing for the inevitable natural or human disasters is a more a priority today than it was a decade ago.  All over the media we read stories of calamities occurring and those who are unprepared to deal with it suffer the most.  The Limitless Equipment’s Mark 1 Survival Kit may very save your life in an emergency survival situation.  This ultra-functional Mark 1 kit is a must have in your bug out bag or even for simple activities like camping, hunting, hiking or any outdoor activity that without proper preparation, can go south very fast.  The kit measures 2.75” X 3.94” x 1.6” and is small enough to fit in pockets of your jacket.  It contains over 40 items in such a tiny kit, including 6.5’ of Tacti-Glow Firecord (jute tinder), red LED lamp, Compass, light sticks, fishing gear, reflectors, Firestarter, fire extender, whistle, water carriers and filters, ranger bands, first aid, morale boosters and more.
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