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Luxury Blimps

Luxury Blimps superyacht

Luxury Blimps superyacht

These Luxury Blimps are the Superyachts of the Skies!

Airships are making a comeback and these amazing luxury blimps is about to turn the tide on superyachts with breathtaking views of the earth below.  Only a century ago, the airship came to symbolize elegant travel but after some nasty accidents, airships disappeared from air travel, and replaced by turboprop airplanes and later jet aircraft.  In addition to the US Skunk Works and Lockheed Martin investigating using blimps as platforms to ferry supplies, a number of US and European companies are trying to resurrect blimps as a way for the wealthy to travel around from private island or anywhere without the noise and limited space that are the case with corporate jets.  These new luxury blimps will offer incredible space, incredible views and the peace and quiet of soaring in the clouds.  These latest generation of airships are far beyond their rudimentary ancestors, incorporating all the latest modern technologies and using helium gas instead of highly combustible hydrogen gas which was commonplace on older blimps.  In addition, bulletproof materials like vectran, mylar and Kevlar will be used to make the balloon both lightweight and durable.  The interiors will be decked out with all the latest luxury amenities making these blimps truly the superyachts of the skies.
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