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Lotus E-R9 Electric Racing Concept



Lotus E-R9 Electric Endurance Racing Concept is a Futuristic Race Car That Could Be on the Circuits By 2030!

Lotus E-R9 Electric Endurance Racing Concept is a dramatic new design study for the next-generation pure electric endurance racer that could be on the circuit by as early as the 2030 racing season.  This incredible concept pushes Formula One design to the next level with a sleek fighter jet-style canopy centrally mounted in a delta-wing upper body.  Innovations include advanced aerodynamics with morphing body panels and vertically mounted control surfaces to assist with high-speed cornering.  Developed by Lotus Engineering, the E-R9 was created as a technology demonstrator to showcase the company’s philosophy, capability and innovate spirit in the field of advanced electrified powertrains and aerodynamics.

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