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Llama Duster

Llama-Duster pink with face

Llama-Duster pink with face

Llama Duster keeps your home or office dust free!


Dusting is one of those chores that most of us dislike but with the Llama Duster you might find yourself dusting everyday once you see how easy it is.  This 14 inch long bendable duster keeps your home or office dust free by making it easy to dust counters, tabletops, chairs, shelves etc.  It’s bright pink color, stands out and makes it easy to find around the home.  Use it to keep your home free of dust, one swipe removes dust completely compared to other dusters that need to be swiped multiple times to clean a surface properly.  Clean up is super easy, after dusting, simply shake out residue and store for your next cleaning.

Cost? $16.19

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