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Lifesaver 20,000 Liter Jerrycan Water Filter

Jerrycan Water Filter

Jerrycan Water Filter

Lifesaver 20,000 Liter Jerrycan Water Filter Provides Drinkable Water in an Emergency!


When you are outdoors and you are unable to find potable drinking water, turn to the lifesaver 20,000 liter Jerrycan water filter.  This classic vehicle friendly jerrycan container purifies water from local sources such as rivers and lakes into drinkable water by filtering 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, cysts, parasites and fungi without using any chemicals or harmful filtration agents.


The lifesaver jerrycan fill and filter immediately providing water that is pure and safe for drinking.  It includes a pump to easily dispense water into cups or bottles.  Lifesaver promises the jerrycan to provide drinkable water for up to 72-hours.

Cost? $229.00

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