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LED Tire Valve Caps

LED Tire Valve Caps comes in a variety of colors

LED Tire Valve Caps comes in a variety of colors

These LED Tire Valve Caps are Not Just for Fun but Safety as Well!

Spice up your vehicle at nights with these LED tire valve caps.  For those of us who love to deck out our vehicles and are not satisfied with the conventional styling, these LED lights will add a special flair to your vehicle wheels at night.  They are waterproof of course, solar powered energy wheel light for your car or your motorcycle.  Lights instantly turn on when vehicle is in motion and turns off when stops.  These LED valve lights enhance safety while on the road at night by making you more visible to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  They are easy to install and remove, just simply screw on to your tire valve and if you don’t like it, screw it off and replace with standard valves.
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