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LED Multipurpose Work Gloves

Multipurpose Work Gloves

Multipurpose Work Gloves

The LED Multipurpose Work Gloves enables you to work safely with your hands in the dark!

Working in the dark can be dangerous and without sufficient lighting the chances of an accident increases significantly.  With the LED Multipurpose Work Gloves you can see everything you are doing with your hands even on the darkest of nights.  These multipurpose semi gloves are equipped with two LED lights and are perfect for first responders, utility workers or hobbyist who love to play after dark.  Made of flexible breathable fabric and are comfortable to wear with no sense of restraint, these semi gloves can be worn inside another glove when in cold temperatures.  The gloves will cover your thumb and index finger and uses an 8cm long Velcro strap to secure it to your wrist. Uses two CR2016 electronic batteries that are easy to replace.

The Cost? $9.99


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