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LED Face Mask

LED Face Mask

LED Face Mask

This LED Face Mask not only makes a style statement but may also protect you in other ways!

Wearing face masks has become the signs of the times but why just wear a plain mask when you can wear one that makes a statement.  This LED face mask not only fulfills the mandatory requirement of wearing masks in public places and may even protect you from the pathogen but may also save your life in other ways by making you more visible at nights to other pedestrians, motorists and cyclists.  This illuminating mask has 7 colorful LED light setting and 5 flashing modes that will leave passerby’s astonished at your face.  The battery, hidden inside the controller is rechargeable with a USB cables and requires no other accessories.  Ideal for parties and outdoor night gatherings, this lighted face mask is guaranteed to turn heads and become an object of conversation.
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