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LaySee Pillow

LaySee Pillow

LaySee Pillow

The LaySee Pillow lets you lie on a pillow without removing your glasses!


If you wear glasses, then you know how difficult it is to lie down on a pillow and take a nap.  Try lying down on a pillow with your glasses on and you either bend or break the frame or it digs into your skin.  It’s almost impossible to lie on a pillow on your side with your glasses on and read a book or watch your favorite TV program.  The LaySee Pillow is designed for those who wear glasses and allows you to comfortably take a nap or read a book without removing your glasses.


The LaySee pillow design is simple, its designed with a 2” channel running through its center which provides clearance for the frame of your glasses when lying on your side.  The 2” groove can accommodate all frame sizes from the largest to the smallest.  The groove allows you to lay on your side and watch TV or read a book without distorting your glasses, bending the frame or injuring your face.


The LaySee pillow inner core is made of 100% breathable, antimicrobial latex that is responsive and supports your head firmly.  The cover is made of smooth Tencel that is great for sensitive skin, breathable, eco-friendly, machine washable and remains cooler than traditional linen covers.

Cost? $79.00

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