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KLAX Multi-Tool Axe Head



The KLAX Multi-Tool Axe Head for when you need multiple tools in one!

The KLAX Multi-Tool Axe Head may not fit your definition of a multi-tool which brings to mind screwdrivers, pocket knives, bottle opener or some other apparatus that has multiple uses.  However, this axe head will surprise you, a versatile tool that comprises an axe blade, a knife blade, a hammer head, a gut hook, a hex wrench, a bottle opener and an imperial ruler.  The lack of a handle makes it definitely more portable but you can fix that real quick when you need one by using the KLAX itself.  The axe head clamps onto the wood unlike traditional axes and allows you to create a handle super easy.  The hex wrench set and ruler are given in imperial units for ease of use in the United States. This patent pending axe is made of SUS420 stainless steel with a hardness rating of 48-52 HRc.  Add this to your survival gear and this axe as an emergency tool to be used when you need some branches for the campfire or an overnight lean-to.  Measures 6.5” long x 3.7” height x 0.3” wide at the front, 0.5” wide at the back and weighs 14.4 oz.  Includes KLAX axe head and ballistic nylon sheath.

The Cost? $179.99


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