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Kitchenque Charcoal Stovetop Smoker

Stovetop-Smoker Grill with Chicken

Stovetop-Smoker Grill with Chicken

Enjoy Succulent Smoked Food with the Kitchenque Charcoal Stovetop Smoker!


When you have the taste for smoked brisket, ribs, fish, chicken or veggies, the Kitchenque Charcoal Stovetop Smoker will satisfy your appetite with succulent smoked foods from the convenience of your stovetop.  This compact indoor smoker brings out the flavor in your smoked food just like an outdoor grill, the only difference is you don’t have to go outdoors and fire up your backyard grill.  Not exactly the size of an average smoker, the Kitchenque nonetheless packs a powerful punch creating smoke infused brisket, ribs, chicken, seafood or vegetables.  With under the cover temperatures of up to 400 degrees F, your foods are guaranteed to come out smoked to perfection.  Compatible with any stove top from gas, propane, electric and induction.  Includes a thermometer to monitor cooking temperatures, a hickory InstaSmoke tube and wood chips to get on your smoking.

Cost? $97.49

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