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Kevlar Cut Resistant Sleeves



The Kevlar Cut Resistant Sleeves protects your arms from injury!

Finally a product that a heavy duty blue collar worker can be happy about. No more wearing long sleeve shirts to protect your hands when placed in dangerous places such as tight spaces in an automobile engine or between metal sheets that are being welded. The Kevlar Cut Resistant Sleeves protects your arms from cuts, scrapes, burns and general injury while engaged in work that requires placing your arms in potentially dangerous locations.  Ideal for auto mechanics, welders, construction workers, landscapers, the cut resistant sleeves can be worn underneath your clothing for easy concealment while protecting your arms at the same time.  Not only for blue collar workers, the sleeves can also be used by motorcyclist or bikers to protect your arms from scrapes in the event of an accident while on the road. The sleeves are versatile and can also be worn by veterinarians and animal welfare personnel whose jobs require contact with not so friendly cats and dogs.  Made of double layer Kevlar, the sleeves are strong enough to protect your arms from gouging, deep bite puncture and deep clawing.  Measures 18” long with a thumb notch to secure it to the palm of your hands.  Inexpensive, comfortable and a must have for those who work in potentially dangerous environments.

The Cost? $19.99


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