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Ice Screen Mirror Mitts

Ice Screen Mirror Mitts

Ice Screen Mirror Mitts

The Ice Screen Mirror Mitts Keeps Your Auto Mirrors Ice Free!

Deep winter is a very difficult time for many of us who rely on our cars to get back and forth especially under icing conditions.  The Ice Screen Mirror Mitts keeps your car’s mirrors ice free so you can quickly get into your car and on your way without having to scrape off ice from your mirrors.  A windshield snow cover and door handle mitts would also work very well with these mirror mitts to save you the time and frustration of scraping ice off your windshield and mirrors.  Even if you have heated mirrors, it takes a while for ice to melt off your mirrors and in extreme conditions you will still have to remove snow and scrape off ice buildup first before using your mirror heaters.  Save yourself the time and frustration by installing these mirror mitts over your mirrors before an impending storm.  They are made of scratch-resistant material and will fit most vehicles including pick-up trucks and SUV’s.
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