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Hyperloop System for Packages

Hyperloop System for Packages

Hyperloop System for Packages

This Hyperloop System for Packages May be the Future of Home Delivery!

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop system may still in its infancy but if UK startup Magway has its way, we may soon see a Hyperloop system for packages instead of passengers.  This revolutionary concept aims to totally destabilize the entire shipping industry by introducing a concept that appears to be so far-fetched that if It was ever implemented will change the face of shipping.  Just imagine for a second a package you order on Amazon being at a pick-up location in your area within seconds after travelling through underground tubes in tiny pods travelling at unimaginable speeds.  The concept is exactly the same as Elon Musk Hyperloop system where pods carrying passengers and freight travel through vacuum tunnels, the only difference is Magway’s package delivery concept uses small pods about three feet in diameter to move packages through tubes underground.  The company claims the Hyperloop package concept would be able to deliver up to 90% of all online orders placed in the UK and in addition it will drastically reduce greenhouse gases by reducing or eliminating the need for trucks, vans and cars to deliver packages.
Check it out on Popular Mechanics

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