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Hip Hugger Classic Concealed Carry Holster



Hip Hugger Classic Concealed Carry Holster!

This is the concealed carry holster for women designed to not only protect her but to accommodate her curves.  If you live in a concealed carry state, this is perfect gift for the woman in your life to conceal her hand gun in public.  This military grade holster holds your weapon and magazines safely and securely in place all day with two rows of hypoallergenic non-slip Tacti-Grip and allows easy access in the event of an emergency.  Three rows of metal hook and eye allows for secure low-profile closure with patent pending tabs for safe, easy, heads-up re-holstering.  Four body positions, two Appendix, two kidney allows you to carry your weapon on your person where its comfortable for you.  With a host of other features from pockets for additional magazines, smartphones, lipstick to rare-earth magnetic materials to additionally secure your weapon and magazine, the Hip Hugger is the only holster you will need to carry your weapon safely and securely.  Comes in a variety of size S, M, L and XL but is meant to be smaller than your actual size since it’s a compression holster.

The Cost? $79.00


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