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Heated Stair Mats

Heated Stair Mats

Heated Stair Mats

The Heated Stair Mats Melt Snow and Ice from your Stairs!


We all know how difficult it is during the winter when your stairs are covered in inches of snow. With the Heated Stair Mats, you can keep your stair ice free during the winter and protect the safety of yourself and your family.

These heated mats can easily be installed outdoors by plugging it in and forgetting about it. The mats will melt off snow and ice from critical access areas of your home.  It can be used on stairs, walkways or any area that is critical access during the winter.

In addition to melting ice and snow from critical stairs and walkway, the heated mats provide a secure walking surface. The mats are sold separately, so you would need to buy one for every tread of your stair.  In addition, you would need to purchase a 120-volt power unit to be able to plug the mats into.  Measures 30” long x 10” wide, can be used independently or connected to other stair or walkway mats.

Cost? $59.95

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