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Heated Hoodie

Heated Hoodie

Heated Hoodie

This Heated Hoodie Will Keep Your Warm and Toasty When the Temperature Plummets Outside!

When the temperature plummets outside to freezing cold, ensure that you stay warm with these men and women heavyweight fleece heated hoodie.  Don’t be fooled by the fact they look just a like a regular hoodie, the beauty lies in what’s underneath.  It has a built-in element in the chest and back that quickly warms up and dissipates heat at three different temperature settings.  The rechargeable battery pack keeps the hoodie heated for up to 12-hours on low, 7-hours on medium and 3.5-hours on high and can be used to recharge USB devices, phones, tablets and has a handy flashlight as well.  Ideal for any outdoor activity from camping to just strolling outdoors in the freezing cold, when you remove the battery, its machine washable and easy to clean.
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