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Heated Electric Lunchbox

Electric Lunchbox

Electric Lunchbox

The Heated Electric Lunchbox and portable stove lets you enjoy hot tasty meals on the go!

One of the problems of traveling with prepared meals is that when you arrive at your destination with your stomach growling the food you were waiting to enjoy is cold and tasteless.  If your destination is a camp site, the wait for warm food will be even longer since you have to set up a camp fire to warm up your food.  The heated electric lunchbox and portable stove solves this fundamental problem by easily warming up your meals while you are travelling by plugging the lunchbox into your vehicle cigarette lighter or any 12-volt power source. No more waiting to enjoy hot meals, the lunchbox will heat your food up to piping 300 degrees in the comfort of your own vehicle. This lunchbox is perfect for long road trips where you can take along your own healthy home cooked meals instead of eating fast food at highway rest stops.


Perfect for work, you can leave your lunch inside the plugged-in lunchbox and enjoy a hot tasty meal at lunchtime.  Perfect for camping, with the electric lunchbox you can ensure you food is hot and ready when you reach your campsite and if you need to keep your food warm while on your campsite simply plug it into your vehicle lighter or any other mobile 12-vold power source.  Designed to be extremely safe, the lunchbox features a heat-resistant cast that always stays cool-to-the-touch and stays tightly closed with the front closure effectively preventing food spillage. Compact and easy to carry, the lunchbox measures 10” x 8” x 6” with a 6-foot power cord and will fit perfectly an entire lunch or meal. The heated lunchbox will ensure you never go without a hot nourishing and healthy meal.

The Cost? $24.95


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