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HARAChair – Spinal Support Chair

HARAChair - Spinal Support Chair

HARAChair - Spinal Support Chair

The HARAChair – spinal support chair is for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle which is the first and main reason for stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs.  In the sitting position, the central blood vessels and arteries are pinched by muscles and cartilage. Like any other fluid, blood always takes the path of least resistance, that is, bypassing the pelvic organs.  Blood stasis in the pelvic organs leads to serious illnesses of the genitourinary system (prostatitis, urethritis), rectum (hemorrhoids) and kidneys.  Most seats on the market consist of 2 parts: a back and a seat, the HARAChair consists of three parts: the back and two separate seats.  The double seat adapts to the weight of the person thanks to the pressure distribution system.
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