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Hands-On Pet Grooming Gloves



The Hands-On Pet Grooming Gloves – The all in one bathing, shedding and grooming gloves!

When it comes to grooming your pets, there is nothing like laying your hands upon their furry coats. With the Hands-on Pet Grooming Gloves, you can lay your hands upon them and remove those unwanted shed hairs before they end up all over your home.  While these gloves may not remove every shed hair, they will at least take off much more than that old grooming brush.  To make your job easier, these gloves work on either a dry or wet surface, meaning you can bathe your pet and still use these gloves to remove unwanted shed hairs.  Your pet will love the gentle action of the soft bristles in the gloves which will feel more like a comforting massage rather than a hard brush.  Don’t be surprised if your pet begins to purr and fall asleep while you are at it.  With these gloves, you are fully in control and you determine the amount of pressure you want to apply to different areas of your pet’s body.  Using a glove instead of a brush is also very ergonomic for the user allowing you to reach tight body contours without putting yourself in an awkward position.  The gloves are made of high strength material that is guaranteed to last and will not crack or tear and is both lightweight, comfortable to wear and comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large.  In addition to household pets, the gloves can also be used to bathe and groom larger animals such as horses.

The Cost? $27.89


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