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Handmade Bamboo Beehive

Handmade Bamboo Beehive in Orange Grove

Handmade Bamboo Beehive in Orange Grove

The Kibaga Handmade Bamboo Beehive Attracts Peaceful Bee Pollinators to Your Garden!

We have all heard of the decline in bee population globally.  However thankfully some are still around and if you plant your own garden you need bees to pollinate your plants.  The Kibaga handmade bamboo beehive will attract peaceful bees to your garden to pollinate your plants and increase the productivity of your garden.  With this beehive you will enjoy beautiful blooming flowers in your garden.  The beehive is the perfect habitat for various species of bees such as mason bees which are incredible pollinators.  With about 60 bamboo tubes in its design, the Kibaga beehive is an excellent nesting spot for female bees.  Made of high-quality bamboo wood, the Kibaga looks great hanging in your garden and lets you contribute to preserving the bee population.
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