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Grill Tumbler



The Grill Tumbler makes perfectly grilled meats and veggies!

The Grill Tumbler tumbles your raw meat and veggies into tasty brilliant barbeque. The grill tumbler takes your grilling game to the next level and evenly cooks your meats and veggies allowing you to create barbeques that are not only tasty but healthy.  A marinating tray ensures your food is flavored and tenderized to perfection while the tray’s lid seals in flavor and keeps odor contained.  The first step is to chop your favorite meats and veggies and place in into the grill. The second step is to add your choice of marinated meat into the marinating tray, apply the lid, and allow the tenderizing flavor to be infused into the meat.  Step three is to remove the grill tray and insert it into the preheated grill.  The last step is to remove the meat from the grill basket and enjoy.  The Grill Tumbler design allows your food to grill at the right temperature so meat is evenly cooked for the best taste.  The non-stick coating inside the basket allows for easily removing meats and vegetables without the hassle of it sticking to the cooking pan.  Enjoy quality grilled foods with the Grill Tumbler.

The Cost? $49.99


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