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GoSun Portable Solar Powered Cooler


Image: GoSun

The GoSun Chillest Portable Solar Powered Cooler is Ideal For Off-Grid Living!

If your cooler keeps melting ice and keeping your drinks warm, reach for this portable solar powered cooler? If you had a choice to keep your food and beverages cool without using ice in a cooler, would you not jump on it right away? The Chillest by GoSun, is a solar-powered cooler with a lot of unique capabilities, including the ability to chill drinks without ice. It’s an improved version of Gosun’s Chill, which was released in 2019.

The Chillest is a 45-liter cooler with built-in battery, and wheels that can traverse any terrain. The best part of this cooler is that it is solar-powered meaning you can use it off-grid. GoSun Chillest utilizes the Sun to keep your drinks and dishes cold without the need for ice. The benefit of no ice, means more space for you to fill your cooler to capacity with your favorite drinks and dishes. With a built-in compressor that allows you to modify or set the desired temperature from -4 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, your food and drinks will be kept at the perfect temperature that keeps it from spoiling even on the hottest day.

The cooler features two chambers with distinct temperature zones, one is a fridge and the other a freezer much like a conventional refrigerator. You can store your ice-cream in the freezer zone with lower temperature and your beer in the refrigerator zone with slightly warmer temperature to prevent freezing. It has an 87-watt lithium-ion battery, an AC and DC plug, an external power bank, and a solar panel table. So if there is no sun, you can still connect it to a conventional power source using the AC and DC plug.

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