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Glass AR-15 Rifle Decanter

Glass AR-15 Rifle Decanter

Glass AR-15 Rifle Decanter

This Glass AR-15 Rifle Decanter is the Perfect Gift for Gun Lovers and Even the Haters!

This Glass AR-15 Rifle Decanter is the perfect gift this holiday season. This is by far the most amazing decanter that we have seen anywhere. For gun lovers and haters, this decanter is the classiest and most innovative way you can dispense your spirits to your guests this holiday season. This decanter is an incredibly detailed AR-15 rifle made of boroscilicate glass than can hold your whiskey, wine or any spirit that you enjoy. There is nothing but positive affirmations for this decanter, it comes with a perfectly crafted stand that holds the rifle decanter along with four glasses that are designed to look like a bullet sticking out of them. The entire glass rifle besides the magazine and grip, holds your spirits in a hollow compartment that you can fill to the top with your favorite spirits. When its time to pour your drink, take up the rifle decanter like you would the real thing, aim and dispense into your glass. This is a great gift for anyone this holiday and will look great in your home, office, man-cave, or wherever you choose.
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