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Giant Swiss Army Knife

Giant Swiss Army Knife

Giant Swiss Army Knife

This Giant Swiss Army Knife is the Ultimate Tool Box!

This Giant Swiss Army Knife is unlike anything you have seen before.  Never mind the small Swiss Army Knives which are very utilitarian in itself, this giant Swiss Army Knife is an entire tool box in one and may very well be the Ultimate Swiss Army Knife ever made.  If there is one thing you would want to have if you find yourself stranded on a desert island, this is the tool you would want to have with you.  It has over 87 different tools crammed into this one small package.  The tools are so many that it will take up an entire paragraph just to list the tools that are packed in this giant Swiss army knife.  This is a must have tool if you enjoy the great outdoors, hiking, camping etc. and it may very well be a lifesaver in a survival situation.
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