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Foot Massage Slippers

Foot Massage Slippers

Foot Massage Slippers

These Foot Massage Slippers Alleviate a Host of Ailments!

We walk all the time and what better way to get a foot massage than wearing these foot massage slippers.  These amazing acupressure slippers will pamper your feet after a hard day’s work by massaging the bottom of your feet with its many small nodes.  When you walk in these slippers the nodes apply pressure to bottom of your feet which helps to improve circulation to your feet and alleviate foot pain.  As with anything different, when you first start to wear these Sandals, they will feel uncomfortable because of the tension in your feet and also the fact that you are not comfortable with anything poking at the bottom of your feet.  If you start to wear these with a pair socks for the first few minutes before transitioning to bare feet, it should help with the uncomfortable poking.  After a few days of use, you will get used to the massage slippers and be able to wear it for longer periods of time as your feet tension is relaxed.  There are many benefits to wearing these sandals, such as improved blood circulation and metabolism, pain such as headaches, migraines, neck pain, backaches and more.
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