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FoodPod Boiling Steaming Bag



The FoodPod Boiling Steaming Bag makes for easy convenient boiling and steaming!


One of the drawbacks of boiling potatoes, eggs etc. is gathering them up one by one from the pot after they are cooked.  With the FoodPod Boiling Steaming Bag you can keep all your eggs or potatoes in one bag and conveniently lift them out of the pot, no water to strain and get on with your meal.  The food grade non-stick silicone food boiling bag allows you to boil, blanch, steam and strain foods quickly and conveniently.  Flexible design allows the food bag to fit into any pot and will not damage cooking surfaces.  While a built-in grip-clip allows you to easily remove the bag from the water and helps prevent boil over.  Ideal for boiling eggs, the pod can hold up to 1-dozen eggs and makes for easily removal and placing into a cold bath.  Reduce your time in the kitchen and speed up your cooking with the FoodPod boiling bag.

Cost? $12.99

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