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Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food Recycler



The Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food Recycler is the environmentally friendly food composter!


Food is essential to our survival and none of it should go to waste.  The Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food Recycler turns your leftovers into nutrient-rich eco-friendly compost to use in your home garden.  Now that is an eco-friendly recyclable solution to wasted food that we should all be happy about.  No more throwing away good food in the garbage, instead dump it into the Food Cycler and in just three hours, you have nutrient-rich soil to place among your garden vegetables to produce even more food.  The Food Cycler reduces waste by up to 90% and the compost is perfect for any plant in your garden.  Turn your leftover beans, seeds, cereals, cheese, coffee grounds, eggs, fruits & veggies, meats, pet food etc. into useful compost that is environmentally friendly.  The Food Cycler creates compost that is clean, odorless and easy to use.  The Food Cycler is the brainchild of three visionary entrepreneurs who decided to bring green technology to the growing problem of food waste disposal.  In addition to the reducing the environmental impact of food waste, the designers made sure this machine was completely eco-friendly by designing it to use minimal electricity in standby mode and while operating. The machine requires no venting, draining or additives, just place your waste food in the container and allow it work its miracle.

Cost? $349.99

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