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Folding Biometric Bike Lock

Folding Biometric Bike Lock

Folding Biometric Bike Lock

This Folding Biometric Bike Lock is an Advanced Keyless Entry Solution that Prevents Bike Theft!

If you are looking for a bike lock to prevent your bike from being stolen, look no further than the folding biometric bike lock.  This folding biometric lock provides an advanced keyless entry that prevents thieves from stealing your bike.  Included with its biometric features, are theft alert, built-in-motion detection, GPS based position tagging, lock access sharing and ability to work in all types of weather.  Three secure unlocking methods lets you unlock by using your fingerprint, Bluetooth or a mechanical spare key.  An included 508 DPI touch panels allows you a faster safer keyless entry to your bike.  If you are in a rush, the fingerprint sensor takes only 0.5 seconds to unlock.  In addition, you can pair your smartphone with the bike lock to unlock it with a single tap as walk towards your bike.
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