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Foldable Car Seat Pet Carrier

Foldable Car Seat Pet Carrier

Foldable Car Seat Pet Carrier

The Foldable Car Seat Pet Carrier keeps your pet safe and comfortable on the road!


Travel with your feline friend comfortably with the Foldable Car Seat Pet Carrier. Pets are not immune from auto accidents and suffer the same injuries that humans would suffer in the event of a collision.  That’s why for the safety of your pet while travelling on the road it’s imperative that your pet be secured in a carrier that will protect it in the event of a collision.  The foldable carriers are made of durable, breathable mesh fabric material that keeps your pet dry and comfortable. Two metal rods on the frame of the seat maintain the seat in a solid and upright position.  In addition included straps hold up the sides and an included harness leash for you to fasten your dog. The carrier is easy to set, easy to clean, easy to stow away when not in use and can carry dogs or cats up to 25lbs. Keep your pet safe and cozy every time you take them on the road.

Cost? $22.99

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