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Floor Rug Alarm Clock



The Floor Rug Alarm Clock gets your feet out of bed!

The floor rug alarm clock will be sure to get you out of bed with a burning desire to shut it off.  When the “ruggie” alarm clock starts blaring loud and we mean loud at the time you set it to go off your only inclination will be to get out of bed and silence it and that is exactly the purpose to get you out of bed and on the go.  By placing your feet on the rug for 3-seconds, the pressure of your feet on the rug stops the alarm.  The 3-second delay is meant to prevent you from going back into bed.  If that is not enough you can set the it to last up to 30-seconds to get you on your feet and start your day.  The 90-120 decibel sound output is loud enough to wake you from even the deepest slumber.  This alarm clock is surely not for the faint hearted and is meant for the focused disciplined individual who wants an extra kick in the ass to get the day started with a bang.  The rug alarm also allows you to upload custom MP3s with motivational and inspiring quotes to start off your day on the right track.

The Cost? $99.00


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