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Fan Desk Divider



Create a private workspace with the Fan Desk Divider!

Create your own private workspace with the Fan Desk Divider.  In modern workspaces devoid of cubicles where everyone sits at the same desk, the fan desk divider can offer a sense of privacy while you work.  Not only at work but also in the library or anywhere where you need privacy to read, study or work on your laptop.  The fan desk divider opens like a fan allowing you to create a private space free of any distraction.  The divider is easy to set up and easy to take down in seconds, simply fold it up like a fan and store it away.  Comes in three color options, gray, gray-neon and mint.  Open workspaces are becoming more popular in the work environment but with the fan desk divider you can still experience a sense of privacy while you work unless its approved by your higher ups.
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